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Dear Regensburg Marathon participants,

we are very sad, but the current situation of the corona pandemic leaves us no choice. We have to cancel the run of the Regensburg Marathon on 23th/24th May 2020. Many of you have been in training for this event since weeks, some of you even wanted to run your first marathon in Regensburg.

It is our duty to protect runners, helpers and other people around the event. At the same time, as an social club, we have to keep an eye on costs. A cancellation at the current time allows us to organize a Regensburg Marathon next year again. A further planning at the current time causes further and even higher costs, which in the case of a cancellation e.g. by the authorities in May, we will not be able to cope with.

We ask for your understanding. Mika Timing will transfer the start fees and costs for gimmicks (chip, shirt, medal engraving) back from April 20th. We want to be fair in sports and not have any discussions. A transfer to another date is associated with additional organizational efforts and we therefore do not offer it. Due to organizational reasons, it is not possible to reschedule the Marathon in autumn. We as the organizer have already invested a medium five-figure amount in the planning and preparation, which will not be reimbursed by any insurance company. If one or the other wants to support the event in such a way that he / she waives his entry fee, we would like to thank you very much.

There`s a link inthe mail:
Here you can choose between: Entry fee 100% back
Entry fee 100 % donation (Spende)
Entry fee 50% donation

We look forward to seeing you next year on May 16, 2021! Until then all the best, stay healthy and run alone for now ;-) Your Regensburg Marathon organization team